After many discussions, and in the spirit of the Gallium Blog (where I was a regular), the F* team is happy to announce the F*-blog! Expect a variety of posts, ranging from technical digressions about Dijkstra Monads to engineering discussions about parsing technology, and pretty much anything in between.

One of our stated goals is to make F* more accessible to beginners; this means making the setup easier, but also writing more documentation, so that people who are not in the vicinity of the F* team can write programs, too. We’ve started an effort on the wiki; the goal of this blog is to complement the wiki and make it easy for F* enthusiasts to keep up with the development; be notified about breaking changes on the master branch, and more generally make the development process more open.

I expect that this blog will also cover related projects, such as KreMLin, our F*-to-C translator, and miTLS, our ongoing implementation of TLS 1.3 in F*. Stay tuned! ☭